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Letter Bank, a simple word game where beginners are comfortable and experts are challenged. 

In Letter Bank you simply spell words to obtain a score. However, you have access to a “bank” of letters that you can manipulate, giving you a strategic ability to plan words as you play. 

Letter Bank features: 
- Three game modes that encourage strategy, agility and nonsense 
- Competitive gameplay allowing friends to judge each others spelling prowess 
- No In App Purchases - You get a full game and will never be charged for more content 
- Progress tracking for all those special spelling moments - Note: only detects tasks in-game, personal life goals are unimportant and are not tracked 

Better get out a dictionary.

Decimate your fantasy league friends on draft day using Draft Oracle!

The simplest and most effective fantasy football draft tool out there.

Use the unique value system to easily decide who to draft next. Or, customize the rankings yourself to gain a strategic edge!


Draft Oracles keeps a lookout for you to let you know when your handcuffs are available and if you've stacked to many players in one BYE week.

All information can be viewed offline, keeping everthing simple and secure.

Your fantasy football league will think you're up to something.
But you'll know it's just Draft Oracle!

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